What are Golden Triangle Tours and why it is so Popular? Are you looking for the answer of this question also so your are on right palace . India's tourism footprint is expanding, and it's no surprise that the places with the greatest density of footprints are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. If you computed the shortest distance between these three points, you'd wind up with an imaginary triangle at the country's heart. As a result, it is known as the Golden Triangle Tour of India. Are you planning to travel to India for the first time? Golden Triangle is suggested by most tour operators, including Taj tours India. The following are the top Golden Triangle circuit packages that have been recommended.   Golden Triangle Tour Packages are one of the most well-traveled and well-known pathways in modern India. Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are all included in the Golden Triangle itinerary. The journey takes in the best of Indian architecture, Rajasthani sights, and natural wonders. Begin your journey in Delhi by exploring the city. Visit the Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Humayun Tomb, Lodi Garden, and other Mughal-era monuments built of red sandstone and marbles. Travel to Agra later to see the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and other attractions. Later, travel to the Rajasthan desert region to see Jaipur, the imperial capital, with its palaces, forts, Jantar Mantar, markets, and other attractions.  

Cities to explore in Golden Triangle Tour Packages ?

Make a square on the map. Is that something that would make the square more interesting? Not always, to be sure. Furthermore, the Golden Triangle is more than just three random destinations known for the form their locations make on a map. What makes the Golden Triangle so special is what lies within its borders.

1. Agra – The City of monarchy Mughals and Taj Mahal

What is the Golden Triangle Tour in India, and why is it so famous? Agra is 200 kilometres away from Delhi. Within a few hours, you can easily reach your goal. If you travel by road, you will arrive in Agra in four hours, and if you travel by rail, you will arrive in two hours. When you arrive in Agra, you'll notice that the city has become engulfed in a Mughal Narnia-like setting, complete with enormous monuments, mausoleums, and, of course, the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal, a sophisticated marble mausoleum known for its carvings, structural beauty, and use of semi-precious stones in construction, is the crown gem of all Indian architecture. You would not be left empty in any area of the minaret-filled structure. Taj Mahal is always as distinctive as a snowflake, whether it's the museum with coins, old products, paintings, and so on, or the geometric garden famed for strolling. Agra and Fatehpur sikri tour The Taj Mahal is the city's heart, but the tour of Agra does not end there. To take a bit of Agra home with you, walk out of the Taj Mahal and shop for miniature Taj Mahals in the street stores. Popular purchases include Persian rugs, carpets, wool goods, marble pieces, and other stuff. It's time to move on to other top Mughal landmarks like Agra Fort and Baby Taj once you've done photographing the Taj Mahal and filled your memory disc with photographs of the marble colossus. Another Mughal relic is Fatehpur Sikri, the Mughal Empire's abandoned capital city. This capital city, which was built with every detail of luxury and architectural bragging, was abandoned within a decade or so due to a scarcity of water and the advance of hostile kingdoms. As a result, we now have an empty city with rows of palaces, courtyards, mosques, triumph towers, and other structures.  

2. Jaipur - City of Royal Rajputs and Forts

What is the Golden Triangle Tour in India, and why is it so famous? The golden triangle tour excursion will take you to the western end of the country, the desert region, after Agra. Jaipur has been added to the list specifically to display all of the country's landforms. Mother India, in particular, is quite proud of her Thar Desert. What makes a desert location so unique? The desert region has managed to develop the richest cuisine with meat and spices, which has attracted many foodies to the place, despite having only wild berries and spices as basic foods. Water scarcity has had no effect on their culture. Rajasthan has become the country's most famous shopping destination as a result of this. The great Rajputs have managed to build countless palaces, monuments, and much more with sands and dust on the floor. What can compare to the capital's splendour, Jaipur, among all the Rajasthani destinations?   golden triangle tour India Jaipur city is adorned with forts and temples Starting in City Palace, a history walking tour of palaces and forts can be arranged. The Aravalli hills' rugged landscape, with a smidgeon of desert tossed in for good measure, gives magnificence to this location. In Jaipur, see the Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Shri Jagatshironmani Temple, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, and other sights. The stories are Jaipur's most distinctive feature. The creation of each fort, as well as each room, has an intriguing reason or story for you to discover.  

3. Delhi – The unshakable blend of Islamic life with excellence

golden triangle tour India Take a stroll through the streets of Old Delhi to step into a virtual time machine and travel back a few centuries. The title 'Old' is justified by the old havelis, market squares, and cobblestone streets. With these historical monuments, what more can Delhi give you? Because Delhi is the country's capital, it is connected to practically all of the country's locations. In Delhi, you may experience the culture of the entire country through performance arts, cuisine, festivals, and shopping. Enjoy the city's history and culture by visiting the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, and other notable attractions. With Taj Tours India India, covering Delhi is a breeze. Choose from a variety of destination packages, such as:  

Why Golden Triangle is Famous and best for a first-time travelers to India?

  1. Three locations have been picked to provide the most culturally enriching experience. Every stop on the circuit is a place rich in history, with festivals, unique traditions, and other attractions. This journey is epic if you're seeking for an insight into the Indian way of life.
  2. Do you intend to travel alone? The Golden Triangle is the greatest option for you. All three locations are well-known tourist spots with no off-the-beaten-path routes. As a result, no matter where you go, you will constantly be surrounded by a large number of tourists.
  3. Do you want to go on a fantastic tour? Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur were picked for their amenities, which include everything from boutique hotels to air-conditioned cabs. The circuit's destinations are all closely populated with leading hotel chains.
  4. What could be more beautiful than connecting the land to its past? These three locations were chosen for their historical significance, which has resulted in the construction of numerous spectacular structures. It is unavoidable that you will be introduced to the land's history along this route.
  5. The cities' connectivity is at an all-time high. All three destinations are only about 200 kilometres apart. You would not be spending the majority of your energy or time travelling thanks to super-fast trains, six-lane highways, and air connectivity.
  6. These appear to be three random locations. They are, however, three sites with distinct cultures, architectural styles, and cuisines, providing you with three distinct vacation experiences in one trip.
  7. You will never be bored because no two attractions will be the same. 
    Despite the fact that the tour is solely focused on sightseeing, the diversity of the scenery makes Golden Triangle an ideal excursion for people of all ages.
  8. At various times, different monarchs ruled over Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. 
    As result, you will have more complete understanding of the land's culture while learning about the colourful past of several dynasties.
  9. For a substantial lunch, try Jaipur's food, which includes beef, spicy curries, and traditional milk desserts. The cuisines of Agra is characterized by sweets. Delhi's Mughal cuisine, as well as its delectable street food, making the trip well worth a foodie's time.
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